I Owe You One

I Owe You One

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Roommates Jane Wilde and Chanel Gray, 18, are getting ready for a night out when they realize that some of their laundry has mixed up. As she tries to sort their laundry they tell themselves that they are only good for sex and that they should stay home and do what they do best. Two teens, Hazel Moore and Samantha Reigns, write a test side-by-side in an exam setting. As Samantha gets caught cheating, Hazel defends her so she doesn`t get punished. Samantha then asks her why she covered it up, to which Hazel replies because she has a crush on her. Indica Monroe and Sera Ryder, two half-sisters, won tickets to a show by their favorite band in a radio competition. While she persists in figuring out who is going to keep them, Indica has an idea. Knowing that Sera has a crush on her, Indica decides to give her what she wants to get the tickets.

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